Family Sponsorship


Service Description

The Canadian government prioritizes and advocates for the importance of family reunification and its citizen’s satisfaction. For this, the Canadian Government has established the Family Class sponsorship program for

  • Spouse, common-law
  • Parent, grandparents
  • Child(s), other dependents

The process of sponsoring family members should be taken seriously, and an application should be strong to demonstrate the eligibility of the Canadian sponsor, the genuineness of the relationships (spouse sponsorships), among other factors that are assessed.

The application is divided in two stages
  1. Sponsor eligibility
  2. Applicant eligibility

Is important to note that only a person who is at least 18 years of age and is a Canadian citizen, a Permanent Resident or a Person registered in Canada as a an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act can be considered as a sponsor.

Contact us to help you through the process to ensure that your family has the best chance to moving to Canada.

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